Mission 1: Transport to Fortune

The Rangers' First Mission

It Begins

The Rangers of Colbi were enjoying breakfast when a knock on the door disturbed them. Galen the Blacksmith, a master artisan from the vast City of Lanthor to the south, asked for their help. He had been contracted by representatives from the keep of Fortune to work with another master artisan, a wizard, to create an enchanted vessel that would convert a simple herbal infusion into a powerful elixir that, when spread on a weapon’s blade, would make the blade glow in the presence of those aligned with Darkness. On the way from Lanthor to Fortune they’d been waylaid by agents loyal to the Red Store, and only Galen had escaped. He had managed to take the vessel, however. Fearing another effort by the Red Store to get their hands on the vessel, he asked the Rangers of Colbi to take the vessel to Fortune.

Day One

The Rangers stop in at a roadside inn outside of Colbi. The innkeep loves Grey Rangers and warns the group that the road to Fortune isn’t safe, and only larger caravans or groups of smaller caravans seem able to get through. He blames the Red Store.

They continue onward and Ailas notices a group of archers waiting to ambush them from behind bushes. Ailas alerts the party quietly, and all at once the Rangers engage the enemy. They are 4 agents of the Red Store. Interestingly, the Rangers find a letter on one of the bodies. It appears to be from Galen the Blacksmith, the one who asked the Rangers to undertake this transport mission, to the Red Store in Lanthor. It orders agents of the Red Store to ambush the Rangers of Colbi on the road to Fortune, retrieve the vessel, and return it to him in Lanthor. The Rangers are mighty confused.

Night One

Rather than camp, the Rangers decide to travel through the night. Simorn becomes fatigued, slowing the party down. Ailas and Three Stripes hear voices ahead, and scout ahead to investigate. While Three Stripes hides up a tree, Ailas approaches and discovers a party of four people wearing the same hooded cloak of the Red Store that they saw on the ambushers that day. Ailas dons a cloak they kept from the ambushers and pretends to be of the Red Store, but they do not fall for it and swarm Ailas. Three Stripes leaps from the tree and slaughters one of the Agents. Jansen and Simorn come running. Miraculously, not even Ailas is actually injured and the Red Store agents are eventually killed.

Day Two

The vessel is delivered to the officer of the day at the keep of Fortune, and the Rangers are questioned. There is confusion about why Galen would have brought the vessel to the rangers in Colbi, only to have them ambushed and the vessel returned to him in Lanthor. Why didn’t he just go back to Lanthor with the vessel, after the ambush? Was there really an ambush at all? Was the note forged?

To find the answer to the riddle, the Rangers of Colbi decide to track down Galen in Lanthor, and get a ride aboard a ship travelling from Fortune to Lanthor the next day. The officer tells the Rangers they will leave in the morning, and rooms at an inn will be provided.

The party spends the rest of the morning at market, selling the weapons of the Red Merchants they brought with them and trying to stay out of trouble.

2XP were awarded to each character.


Congratulations on your new Post. It looks like you have quite an adventure ahead. I look forward to reading your future reports.

Mission 1: Transport to Fortune
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