Mission 2: Sail to Lanthor

Aboard the War Sloop 'Redoubt'

It Begins

The Rangers are given transport to Lanthor by the Freelords in Fortune, aboard the war sloop Redoubt, a fast vessel built for blockade running – fast, sleek, and not meant for stand-up fights against larger war ships. The journey to Lanthor begins on 14 First Hunt 2123, and is expected to take 6 days.

On the second day, eagle-eyes Ailas spots movement in the water off the starboard side, on an intercept course. The crew and Gray Rangers are attacked by a small sea monster, a huge serpent. The battle is short and furious, but Three Stripes confuses the beast with his acrobatic antics to point that only one crew member is killed in the attack. Eventually he gets a lucky sword strike to the creature’s eye, killing it, and the monster slips into the depths.

On day 4, a black sail is spotted. The captain recognizes it as the pirate ship Vengeance. A chase ensues, but the pirate ship maneuvers the faster Redoubt up against the shore, and they board en masse. A lengthy battle ensues, but in the resulting conflict only two of the crew members are killed, and only four of the pirates survive to escape back to their ship. The Rangers were pretty banged up as a result, however, and the Captain decides the Gray Rangers mission is more important than the pirate ship.

The rest of the voyage is uneventful, and the ship makes it to Lanthor on 20 First Hunt, 2123.


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